Eligibility and Enrollment Services

Chamberlin Edmonds is focused exclusively on securing government and community reimbursement for uncompensated medical care expenses. Our commitment to this unique vision has made us a leading provider of specialized patient eligibility and enrollment services for America's hospitals.

How does your hospital benefit?

  • Improved cash flow
  • Revenue cycle time reduction
  • Reduced bad debt
  • Reduced collection agency fees
  • Positive community relations
  • Increased revenue through the discovery of existing third-party coverage of patients who initially present as self-pay
  • Professional guidance through difficult federal, state and community benefit program applications
  • Supportive of compliance with uncompensated care guidelines
  • Potentially increase Disproportionate Share Hospital (DSH) funding

How do your patients benefit?

  • A free service provided by the hospital
  • Patients served by experts dedicated to patient advocacy
  • Diligent and meticulous follow-up through the application process
  • Upon approval, many patients receive monthly cash benefits for food, shelter and clothing, as well as Medicaid for preventative healthcare
  • Bilingual assistance

Chamberlin Edmonds provides a comprehensive, practical, cost-effective way to qualify patients for benefit programs. For your healthcare organization, we design a custom-tailored program for uncovering new and existing eligibility, submitting applications and tracking cases through resolution. The result is something you've been looking for: much higher remittances from inpatient, outpatient and Emergency Department accounts.

Chamberlin Edmonds philosophy centers on performance. We receive financial compensation only when we successfully generate benefit approvals and cash for your hospital. Our degreed professional staff of nurses, trained social services personnel, and government program specialists integrates with and strengthens your hospital's revenue cycle team. Our collaborative approach augments your existing operations and enables your employees to use their time more efficiently.

Our field experts are here to serve you

The heart of a successful eligibility program is the people who make it work. On the floor and behind the scenes, two groups of Chamberlin Edmonds professionals are devoted exclusively to successful outcomes for hospitals and their patients:

Health Care Representatives are the face of Chamberlin Edmonds at every hospital-client. HCRs screen patients for eligibility for benefit programs, identifying many self-pay admissions traditionally written off to bad debt.

Resolve Application Specialists help turn applications into approvals by tracking every application from submission to resolution. Their strong agency relationships, coupled with proven processes and advanced technology, result in high approval rates and faster cycle times.